We make plans, so you can execute them.

Your product team's most important hire this year is this assistant.

Let's make a plan

Facilitator writes...

✅ acceptance criteria
✅ delivery-ready task descriptions
✅ product requirements documentation
✅ all the other artifacts that your engineering and product teams never seem to have time for.

During discovery, we collect organizational information to better generate the tasks that define your unique path to completion.


Wherever possible, we introduce automation and integrate directly into your existing tools using Zapier or custom APIs.


From release documentation to post-mortems, sprint planning meetings, to business stakeholder presentations. Let us deliver.

Supplement your team planning with GenAI.

Enable building best-in-class software by outsourcing the part of the job that no one ever wanted to do in the first place to a platform that speaks software as it's native language.

Facilitator helps you take advantage of documentation opportunities like fleshing out detailed tasks ready for your delivery teams to work with.

Your time is better spent validating generative suggestions, and communicate them to your team in your preferred tools like Slack, or directly porting them into tools like JIRA, Airtable, Notion, and more.

Plan for me

AI powered

We leverage the latest available models to ensure the highest quality draft output for our human validators.


Whether you choose to share a lot or the bare minimum, our team understands how to engineer prompts that produce ready-to-develop results.


We offer deep augmentation whether you are a solo engineer at a five-person startup, or you're looking to support an engineering organization that spans multiple regions.

Cloud based

We do it all remote, all in the cloud, using standard cloud communication and data processing tools.


For a percent of a percent of your current budget, you can streamline your project management process and save 30-50% of expensive time spent per month when compared to hiring a full-time in-house project manager.

Things your team needs to know.

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